We Are

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
And My eyes saw beauty deep inside you
It’s is not just the memory of 
your smile that illuminates my world
It is your spirit
It radiates warmth and love
Keeping my heart in a trance of magical bliss

I am blessed it is your soul
That has intertwined with mine
For they are creating a dance that will forever be our story
Unmatched and unforgettable…

Until my spirit leaves this shell

To be reunited with yours
I will embrace all that we were
Using our love to guide me

For we are


No moon tonight

No moon light cast upon me

To kiss my face and tell me

All will be right again

My eyes blinded by the vast darkness

Just as I was to lie down in defeat

But a million tiny stars appear

Your voice fills my heart

each glow that touches my eyes

Is a moment in time your soul

grew more in love with me

Each second on Earth we shared was enough to

Overflow the dark night with ever lasting light

No moon tonight

No moon light to show me the way

But a million soft glowing specks

Burn bright enough for me

Now I don’t need the moon

For I always have you